Cambridge Technicals Business

The Cambridge Technicals Level 3 Business has been developed to meet the changing needs of the sector, and prepare you for the challenges you’ll face in Higher Education or employment. Designed in collaboration with experts spanning the breadth of the sector, the Cambridge Technicals in Business focuses on the skills, knowledge and understanding that today’s universities and employers demand.


You will learn how a business might evolve. From a small start-up business to a large multinational organisation, you will consider a range of different business types and gain an understanding of how the choice of business type might affect the objectives that are set. You will also look at the internal workings of businesses, including their internal structure and how different functional areas work together. Plus, by looking at the external constraints under which a business must operate, you will gain an understanding of the legal, financial and ethical factors that have an impact. You will also explore ways in which businesses respond to changes in their economic, social and technological environment; and gain an appreciation of the influence different stakeholders can have upon a business.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Five GCSEs at Grade 4.

Combines well with…

Business, Art & Design, Economics, English Language, Sociology.


Marketing Consultant/Executive, Business Development Executive, Fundraiser, Market Research Analyst, Sales Manager, Conference Co-Coordinator, Exhibition Organiser, Hospitality Manager and Event Organiser. Technical Level Qualifications are specifically designed to enable learners aged 16+ to progress into employment, join an apprenticeship or enter university.