A Level Biology offers an opportunity to understand and relate to the living world around us. You will develop an understanding of how we maintain life both internally within our body and externally within our environment. You will study a subject that is constantly evolving from finding cures for diseases to advancements in genetic engineering that could change life forever. The course offers individual and group research, investigations and fieldwork that will develop independent learning as a Sixth Form student.


Over two years you will be discovering the wonders of Biology, studying topics ranging from human and animal physiology, to plant biochemistry, genetics and genetic engineering. You will develop your practical skills alongside your understanding of concepts and principles, through a range of investigations, presentations and fieldwork opportunities. Studying Biology teaches us to ask questions, make observations, evaluate evidence and solve problems.

Minimum Entry Requirements

GCSE Biology Grade 6 or Combined Science (Trilogy) Grade 6-6 and GCSE Mathematics Grade 6.
*If studying more than one science at A Level, we recommend you have Grade 7 in these at GCSE.

Combines well with…

Chemistry, Mathematics, Psychology, Sociology, Physical Education, Geography and Health and Social Care.


An A Level qualification in Biology can lead to careers in Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science, Dietetics, Physiotherapy and other health-related areas as well as to a wide range of university courses including Ecology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Biotechnology, and Biomedical Sciences. A Level Biology is a preferred entry requirement to many universities. It is highly regarded academically as it is a challenging and rewarding subject to study. A Biology qualification shows that you have an analytical mind, and can discuss current issues in the subject.