From smart phones to satsumas, from the atmosphere to the atom, chemistry underpins every aspect of our existence. With the development of new nano-materials and expanding scientific fields such as astrochemistry and environmental chemistry, there has never been a better time to take chemistry to a higher and more exciting level. The A Level course will encourage you to question and consider the impact of chemical sciences in everyday life through independent laboratory practicals whilst being supported with a thorough grounding in theoretical study.


We all do Chemistry every day! It is the study of matter and the changes it undergoes at the atomic and molecular level, and will allow you to make sense of the world around you. The course has been designed to introduce you to chemistry by revising and building on the basics of the atom. This gives the foundation which enables the harder concepts to be understood much more quickly and easily. Practical chemistry is an essential feature of study at A Level and lots of new techniques will be encountered and perfected. If you enjoy making sense of abstract concepts you will find the study of chemistry stimulating. The real joy of chemistry is in applying your understanding of scientific models to lots of new situations.

Minimum Entry Requirements

GCSE Chemistry Grade 6, or GCSE Combined Science (Trilogy) Grade 6-6. Plus GCSE Mathematics Grade 6. If you are planning on studying more than one Science at A Level, we recommend that you have Grade 7’s in these at GCSE.

Combines well with…

Biology, Physics, Mathematics and Further Mathematics.


Chemistry is essential if you wish to study medicine, dentistry, veterinary science and many other science vocations such as forensics, chiropractics and pharmacy. It is also a highly regarded academic subject for entry to a wide range of courses including architecture, law and engineering.