Economics is about looking at the limited resources in the world and matching these with unlimited demands, giving you a greater interest, understanding and awareness of the world in which you live and the role that you play in it, both now and in the future. It’s real, it’s relevant and looks at topical issues. 


As well as developing a wide range of skills such as debating and decision making, there is the opportunity to explore real issues such as “What will be the economic effects of the UK leaving the EU?”, “Does inflation really matter?” and “What are the costs of obesity to the NHS?”

Minimum Entry Requirements

GCSE English Language or English Literature Grade 5, GCSE Mathematics Grade 7. A genuine interest in current affairs is also essential.


Economics is a well-established, academic subject that is highly regarded by employers and universities in the UK and further afield. It can lead to a wide range of interesting careers, which include opportunities in both the public and private sectors.

Combines well with…

Economics will fit with any other subjects but, depending on where your future lies, it combines well with Mathematics, Government & Politics and Geography.