English Language

Language is a fundamental aspect of our lives as human beings. This is your opportunity to explore the way people use both spoken and written language in all the diverse contexts and cultures that the 21st century offers. You will become an expert in the way written English is used to represent ideas and events, and explore the multiple influences that cause variations in the way English is spoken- both within the UK and around the globe. You will also have opportunities to develop your creative writing skills, and even undertake your own piece of original linguistic research.


  • Creative writing
  • Grammar and morphology
  • Analysis of new types of texts such as tweets, comment threads, etc.
  • Analysis of historical texts
  • Study of Global English
  • Overview of the history of English
  • Coursework: developing a piece of original linguistic research
  • Analysing texts and transcripts from a wide variety of contemporary contexts
  • Sociolinguistics: the study of the various factors that affect spoken language use, eg. gender, socio-economic group, culture, region, age, occupation, etc.
  • Study of Child Language Development
  • Exploring attitudes to language change and language variation


Minimum Entry Requirements

GCSE English combined total of at least 11. Minimum of 6 in English Language.

Combines well with…

History, Geography, Psychology, English Literature, Government & Politics, Sociology, Art & Design, Art Based Photography.


A Level Language is excellent preparation for any career involving the crafting and manipulation of English, especially public relations (PR); journalism (sports, fashion, politics, music, subediting, or any aspect of the magazine industry); website development; copywriting; law; any aspect of media such as television, film, or radio; and, of course, creative writing. The study of child language development is excellent preparation for a career in teaching, psychology and counselling, or working with children in any capacity.

Please note that universities’ admissions teams universally view English Language as having the same prestige and status as English Literature – we checked!