Government & Politics

Government & Politics will enable you to understand the world around you. What is the impact of Brexit going to be? How powerful is Donald Trump? Could the political system be better? These are all questions that have competing answers. To be able to offer a response you must have the ability to attain in-depth knowledge and be able to evaluate evidence to reach substantiated judgments on a range of political issues. 

This academic skill-set is highly valued by both universities and employers; and will complement other academic A Level subjects.  


  • British politics
  • Political ideologies
  • American politics

You will have the capacity to work both independently and collaboratively; but most importantly you will be open minded; prepared to read and listen to a range of viewpoints, as you consistently up-date your own in order to be able to answer theoretical political questions. 

Minimum Entry Requirements

GCSE English Literature or History Grade 6.

Combines well with…

History, Economics, Geography, English Language, English Literature.


Journalism, civil service, political research, academia, education, business.