Health & Social Care

Do you want to be a primary teacher? Nurse? Midwife? Social worker? Occupational therapist? Health and Social Care is a vocational Level 3 qualification for students considering careers in health and social care and education. There are two possible qualifications: the Extended Certificate route which is equivalent to one A Level and the Diploma route which is equivalent to two A Levels. 


  • Topic areas relate directly to the work place. You will learn about laws, policies and care values which underpin professional practice and protect individuals. These include safeguarding, security and the promotion of diversity. 
  • You will apply your knowledge to real situations. The information needed for portfolio work cannot be found exclusively in textbooks and demands accessing real case studies; interviewing professionals and using placement experience. Placements are encouraged. 
  • You will produce portfolios, worth 40% of the course, using a range of resources with professional referencing. Health and Social Care promotes the skills of researching and drafting coursework. This is ideal preparation for dissertation work at university.
  • Moreover, portfolio work can be adapted to reflect career interests. You will explore how to build relationships in the health and social care setting of your choice. 
  • The mandatory Anatomy and Physiology unit introduces you to the basic structure and functions of the body systems involved in everyday activities and maintenance of health, including cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems.
  • You will understand the effects of malfunctions of these systems on individuals and what has to be done on a daily basis to enable them to lead as full and independent a life as possible. 


Minimum Entry Requirements 

GCSE English combined total of at least 10 and Distinction or GCSE Grade 5 in a subject which includes coursework. 

Combines well with…

Psychology, Sociology, Art & Design, Biology.


Nursing, Midwifery, Primary Teaching and other health and social care careers such as Occupational Therapy and Social Work. Past students reassure us that this Health and Social Care course provides excellent preparation for university courses.