History is a fascinating subject which will enrich you as a person and make you valuable to any university or employer in the future. In our world of ‘fake news’ and the endless availability of competing experts, it is more important than ever to be able to discern the true value of information. Historians are trained to think independently and critically. In A Level History you will develop and enhance vital transferable skills, as well as reaching a greater understanding of humanity and how modern societies have developed.


  • Tudor England 1485-1603. You will gain an understanding of how a little known noble managed to gain the crown of England and establish the most iconic and well-known dynasty in British History. 
  • Development, key events and end of the Cold War from 1945-1991. You will be immersed in the ideological conflict which nearly brought the world to nuclear ruin and gain an appreciation of how and why the conflict developed and eventually ended. 
  • We run a summer trip to the most famous Tudor site, Hampton Court Palace in Year 12 to develop your understanding of the Tudor World.


Minimum Entry Requirements

GCSE History Grade 6.
*Candidates with no GCSE History will require GCSE English Literature Grade 7.

Combines well with…

Government & Politics, Economics, English Literature, Geography and Psychology.


History is a highly respected and valued subject by Universities and employers. History is recognised as one of the key ’facilitating’ subjects recommended by Russell Group Universities due to its range of valuable transferable skills. 

The skills you develop in History will be useful in any job, though popular careers include: Historian, Lawyer, Police, Civil Service, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Politics, Journalism, Researcher.