Philosophy of Religion and Ethics

A Level Philosophy, Christianity & Ethics will encourage you to think expansively and will elevate your capacity to communicate. You will be questioning previously held notions of morality, God and religion. The development of the love of wisdom that this course offers is mind transforming.


The basis for the course is sacred texts and the philosophical and ethical theories of famous philosophers such as Aristotle, Descartes and Jeremy Bentham as well famous theologians such as St Thomas Aquinas and Bernard Hoose. “I think therefore I am” by Rene Descartes and the Great Thinker are well known philosophical ideals which apply to everyone. A desire to read, write, listen and think with reason and balance will make this subject enjoyable and you successful. A Level Philosophy, Christianity & Ethics is not an extension of GCSE Religious Education. Nearly all the topics will be brand new to you and you will explore the great thinkers over time. There is also the opportunity to lead and participate in the Philosophy Club. 

Minimum Entry Requirements

GCSE Religious Studies Grade 6 plus Grade 6 in either GCSE English Language, English Literature or History.

Combines well with…

History, Government & Politics, English Language  and English Literature.


Literacy, reasoning and ethical evaluation is ideal for Politics, the Police force, Law, Journalism, research, writing of any genre and teaching.